What is Floating Point Gallery ?

Floating Point Gallery is a meta Art Gallery that lives in virtual reality and exhibits across digital worlds.

Our mission is to cultivate progressive ideas and untapped potential in the Canadian arts into exceptional and innovative exhibitions across various metaverses.

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Founded by Art Collision in 2021, Floating Point Gallery is a next-gen Web3 Canadian art gallery focused on exploring possibilities within the digital space and blurring the lines between digital and physical. We are guides who lead the consumer into conversations using our understanding of the physical world to explore and forge various avenues within the digital realm. 

We create a space where existing Canadian artists, who are visionaries of a new digital age, can provide context and dive deeper into work that deserves a critical spotlight. 

Floating Point Gallery is an optimistic undertaking that evolves from the traditional art gallery, online marketplaces, and digital publishing models. Floating Point exists to spotlight a diverse and eclectic array of art, artists, and ideas. 

Behind the scenes, we are a team of artists and technologists who know that our community of new media artists, curators, and collectors will be the ones who bring Floating Point to life. We want to build this for the Canadian artists, with the Canadian art scene — in pursuit of a flourishing future for everyone in the new media space.

Let’s make this project a success story!

Canadian Art in the blockchain



Our mission is to cultivate progressive ideas and the untapped potential of Canadian arts in exceptional, innovative and forward-thinking exhibitions, accessible through the metaverses.



Floating Point is a gallery reserved for Canadian artists. We leverage our existing platforms to give our artists the opportunity to provide deeper context on their works and elaborate on their creative process.



To create accessible structures to display Canadian digital and virtual art. Educating the community on the benefits of NFTs and sharing our passion for crypto art with an international audience.



Profits generated from Floating Point Gallery are used to strengthen and support our artists and projects. The gallery is a space for crypto art and anyone who believes that blockchain technology can facilitate a more free and equitable economic paradigm for the arts.


We are so grateful for the continued support from our sponsors and incubators since the official launch of the gallery, on March 31, 2022. A particular thanks to META, CFC Media Lab, and Art Gate VR. Their sponsorship enables us to continue empowering, shaping, and advancing opportunities for new generations of Canadian storytellers and creators


Thank you META for your sponsorship encouraging our participation in Art Toronto 2022. 


Thank you CFC Media Lab for empowering, shaping, and advancing opportunities for Canadian creators.


Thank you Art Gate for your trust and partnership to this project reuniting visual art and new technologies.