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Karen Vanderborght is a digital dada artist, educator and experience designer.  She carries the whim of the absurd from Brussels’ cobblestones to Toronto’s skyline to create surprising, playful experiences to unpack complex topics. Her work falls between the cracks of technology, art and games, defying the confines of genres, platforms and disciplines. 

Her social AR project Grey Matter AR, was lauded as an ingenious use of social AR by MIT’s immerse.news and Clot magazine, an online publishing platform dedicated to art and science explorations. Never Grow Up, A VR game for your raging inner child, is set to launch on AppLab in 2024. Nuville, an augmented walking game for cyberpunk tourists, has started its shapeshifting city trips, visiting global cities to transform its citizens into modern-day flâneurs.

Shortcircuiting new technologies’ promises, she reconnects humanity’s tale with technical innovation and beckons us to not lose our souls amidst the code.


Nuville is an augmented walking game for smartphones with a cyberpunk twist. You are a hacker (obviously), disguised as a tourist (?!), scrambling the data of the AI,  building the megapolis Nuville. This process is a no-code operation. Use your whole body and observational wits as you execute a series of whimsical prompts hidden in an out-of-this-world podcast.


  • Progressive web app with a retro cyberpunk look
  • Science-fiction podcast co-written with AI
  • Original music soundtrack by Halocine Trance (David Psutka)
  • Prompts co-written with Canadian indigenous community
  • 3D map updates live with players interventions
  • Players can hack billboards and neon slogans in real-time
  • AR view of Nuville shows players interventions


Nuville, screenshots, 2024

Nuville, screenshots, 2024